Coronavirus Explained through Medical Animation

This is the video that was sent to medical professionals by main health institutes for better understanding of the actions and phases of the virus. Please note, this new strain of coronavirus IS NOT the same as a regular flu and even if symptomless, it still affects the lungs and respiratory system, reason why long quarantine is essential for reducing the amount of infected individuals.

Do not take this lightly, get informed and stop reading social media unofficial advice on the outbreak.

Watch the entire video to see how the virus acts in different stages and how it affects the body once in.

Also other important information about the virus you can find at the following official links:

Important information for those taking blood pressure medicine:

If I find more official information that can help you, I will gladly share in my Instagram.

A more simplistic explanation of the virus (note when he talks about how the virus KILLS pulmonary cells):

99% of Italian Fatalities Come From Individuals Suffering From Previous Pathologies

A new study by the Italian National Health authority concludes that 99% of Italian fatalities due to COVID-19 came from people that have already sufferent from different pathologies prior to the infection. I believe it’s extremely important to listen to all and everything being said especially when it’s about a country that is clearly affected, yet used as a weapon to install general fear.

Please keep your social distancing, but also be fair with yourself and stay informed from trusted sources. The TV and newspapers do not always count, unfortunately. Here I will leave the study in Italian for anyone that wishes to eye it or translate it.

Study (PDF) to be downloaded here:

Click to access Report-COVID-2019_17_marzo-v2.pdf