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The Top 5 Dishes of My Childhood

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I would love to do a ”what I eat in a day” kind of post but it would take too much time being with the camera in the hand and probably not the most comfortable with little Astrid, so the best I can do is to just talk a little bit more about what we eat/I cook.

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Strength Training Home Workout for Pregnant Women

I received a lot of questions and messages asking for a strength training workout example for women while pregnant and not being able to attend the gym (mostly personal preferences and logistic reasons), so I decided to dedicate these 60 minutes without my sweet baby girl (she’s on a Monday walk with her pappa) to give a deeper understanding of strength training to those interested.

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Core, Back, Pelvis Strength Exercising During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is well known to take a toll over your mid-section area, not only the weight added to that part of your body but also the hormonal changes.

Working towards a stronger pelvic floor will result in much less stress avoiding urinary incontinence (Sangsawang BSangsawang N., 2016). We are not only talking about static pelvic floor exercises, but functional exercises such as squats (done without additional weights or with additional weights added to your body weight depending on your strength and previous fitness level).