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A Responsibility For Life vs Temporary Parenthood

I am here today to talk about some comments from the video below that among other things rises the question of appropriate parenthood within Western Europe. I have been digging in the comments’ section and I got to say I am shocked to see, whether these people are truly commenting what they think or they are internet trolling, how many men are trying to escape the blame of poor fatherhood or throwing the blame ball at the Western women just because it is easier.

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The Actual Signs of a Healthy Relationship

So many articles in magazines and online sources trying to define ”the perfect and healthy relationship” and truth is that most of the advice and hints are wrong as probably we have all experienced in practice. I gathered a list with unreasonable cues and offering you at the end the one true secret of what’s going to make two people stay together. How do I know? Well, it’s all about looking in the past and realizing what went wrong with our demanding society, where our roles have been switched and how relationships have taken a toll from all these unnatural changes.