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Top Needs for Baby Care

We’re constantly told that having a child is OH so expensive!, but what does it really take to have a baby? I am coming here with my own experience, living in Sweden, where we gladly receive free medical service so that is already off the list. But what does a baby really needs? Each baby is different hence do not expect to being able to follow this list religiously, but I thought it would be interesting to write down what Astrid needs for her every day wellbeing especially for the followers that do not have a baby yet and are looking into the possibility of starting a family.

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My 17 Must-Haves During Pregnancy

Not a sponsored post.

Yey! I made it to the third trimester and I am only 60 something days away from seeing the face of a cute little angel made out of love and fat rolls (probably).
As it was a planned pregnancy, I was not taken by surprise actually (the only surprise was that it happened right away), so I was not stressed about what was going to come. I just took it as it came indeed – bloating, little food sensitivities and not much at the beginning. I didn’t want to waste money on unnecessary things either that you see being advertised all the time ”for pregnant women”.