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The Top 5 Dishes of My Childhood

Header image by I, Sailko / CC BY-SA (

I would love to do a ”what I eat in a day” kind of post but it would take too much time being with the camera in the hand and probably not the most comfortable with little Astrid, so the best I can do is to just talk a little bit more about what we eat/I cook.

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What Went Wrong With Sexual Education

If there is one thing that gets to the parents’ head is how to explain ”sex” to their pre-teens/teenager children. Unfortunately, due to exposure to toxic foods, chemical filled waters and pollution, aside from stress and early maturation, girls are starting to get their first menstruation earlier and earlier. It’s worrying because in a culture where children are rather exposed than protected, the law system is a joke and security is completely breeched, it can become really worrisome for a parent to let their child play and enjoy playtime outside peacefully without worrying if they’re fine or still unharmed.

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How The Pill affects your relationships and quality of life

Why do women take the pill nowadays? Mostly because they have been given ”medical advice” to treat acne, irregular cycles and mainly, to prevent pregnancy.
Let me talk a little bit about my own take on this. To start, you would never be in the need of taking the pill if you simply abstain from having multiple, unstable and short-term relationships with the wrong men.

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Societal Fall: How Instagram ‘Likes’ Stimulate Dopamine Production

As a Marketer I am greatly interested on finding out how our social skills develop and are altered especially with the use of social media. There is still so much to discover, yet we constantly find new social media networks that aim at complicating the net in between human interaction, making it easy for firms but having a rough impact on how we socialize.