Hi! I am happy you decided to take the first step of your journey to reconnecting with your body, improving your general health and treating your issues from the root! And I am very humbled you chose me to hold your hand throughout this process.

I am sending you this link because you’ve contacted me about my health coaching. I want to give you an idea of what it is like working with me and what we can both achieve if we work together.

You’ve probably don’t feel your best and you’ve tried to figure out what is going on:

  1. You either kept track of your symptoms and realised ”wow, I am not in the best place I could be health-wise!”
  2. You probably already visited a doctor and found out about some issues and deficiencies, but you want to start working on them without the need of pharmacological drugs.

Both of these scenarios are seen quite often. It is good if you can investigate a little by yourself and find out what you think it might be going on – I do recommend do take up some tests (depending on your symptoms) before trying even to start addressing the issues. You need to know what you want to work for.

I can help you much better if I can understand what are your weak spots – where are your issues laying. If you have a blood test report from your doctor, please do send it to me after we agree on starting your first consultation session.

Please do realise, I am not a qualified to provide medical advice, so if you have a chronic illness and you must treat it (tame it) immediately (due to high risks or pregnancy, for instance), I do advise you to please consult a medical care provider and in some high risk cases, you might need to depend on a pharmaceutical drug until you tame your issues and we can start working on medicinal independency and look into I we can help you manage your symptoms, ameliorate them or suppress them by nourishing your body appropriately!

How will I help you?

My help will focus on personalised and targeted nutritional advice. I will guide you through a lifestyle change if needed, help you to find the best supplementation schedule if you need one, will talk you through the steps of identifying symptoms and figuring out a way to treat and manage root issues, improving your understanding about your issues, body and changes you will adapt to.


One time consultation price is 70 EUR (or 730,00 kr, 74 USD).

One time consultation will include 1-time email consultation asking me your questions and description of all your issues, a blood test analysis (if you have one) for me to direct you towards what you need to correct.

You get:

A throughout reply from me which might take up to 2 days to elaborate and a personalised guide for you with what you should start implementing.

If you want to come back for the full 12 week health reset programme (you will get weekly check-ins for 12 weeks and the possibility of reaching me via private chat if you need my advice every Friday somewhere between 12 PM-3 PM Swedish local time, aside all points from above), let me know via email. The price of your first consultation will be detracted from the final price for a 12 weeks Health Reset Programme.


The 12 weeks Health Reset programme price is 500 EUR (or 5183,00 kr, 527 USD).* If you are coming back to me after booking a one-time consultation, your price will be 430 EUR (or 4457,00 kr, 453 USD).

You get:

  1. A personalised meal plan to follow throughout your healing.
  2. Explained recipes.
  3. A personalised guide with changes that are important for you to start implementing.
  4. A personalised guide with specific supplementation that will address your issues.
  5. You will get my Female Health Guide that will help you balance your cycle.
  6. Analysis of your symptom evolution and food logs.
  7. Analysis of your last blood-tests from your doctor so I can fully personalise your guiding.
  8. Weekly check-ins with me via email and every Friday we will be able to chat sometimes between 12 PM – 3 PM (please do let me know beforehand in your weekly check-in email, so I save time for you!)
  9. A deeper understanding of the importance of nutrition that will forever stay with you and will help not only you but your family’s health!

This means I will:

  • help you reach your health goals
  • increase your quality of life and health
  • greatly decrease your risks for chronic diseases
  • help you adapt to changes, understand them and making them enjoyable routines of your life
  • weekly check-in with you for 12 weeks analysing your food log, via email
  • personalise a guide for types of foods, herbs or supplements you might want to add
  • analyse your overall exposure to toxins (from personal care products to house cleaning you are exposed to)
  • take into account your preferences, ancestral needs (depending where you are from, your body might need more or less of a nutrient, I will take that into account when creating advice for you)
  • help you understand why nutrition and nutrient density is important for you
  • help you understand and realise why toxin-free living is essential for you

Right now I only have the possibility to take clients for email consultations but we can also communicate via private chatting (no video) if you need me for advice throughout these 12 weeks (every Friday, sometime between 12 PM – 3 PM, Swedish time with prior booking)!

If all this sounds interesting and you want to give this a try, I will gladly be here to help you throughout the process!

This is how it will go and what you need to do:

  1. You contact me letting me know you are interested in a consultation.
  2. I will send you this link so you can decide what is best for you, one-time consultation or the full 12 weeks.
  3. You will let me know of your choice and share my PayPal with you to make the payment.
  4. Upon receiving the payment, I share my email with you and I send you over a questionnaire to fill.
  5. You get back at me with answers and any information you might think it might help my understanding of your issues.
  6. I confirm that I received the answers and if needed, I might ask you some extra questions.

I will take 2-5 days (depending on the amount of issues I see that need to be addressed) to create a guide of implementation for you.
If you choose the 12 week, we simply start with weekly advice and assessment, meal guide and recipes, and slowly continue with supplementation, habits, etc.

We conclude with an assessment in both cases, after a one-time consultation I will ask you to get back to me in couple months and tell me how is it going and how is your journey overall.
If you chose the 12 weeks programme, we will end up with changes in your habits, nutrition and a deeper understanding of your healing journey and you will be in direct contact with me for those 3 months, ending with you changing your life and beating the odds!

Want to start working together to improve your health and life quality?

Send me a message now and let’s do this!