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Whey 80

High quality whey powder extracted from the milk of grass-fed Swedish cows. Whey is a natural by-product of cheese, inexpensive and nutritious that can be consumed in different and fun ways: milkshakes, pancakes, homemade energy balls, waffles or by itself dissolved in water.

The general dosage recommendation is 1,6g to 1,8g of protein per kg of bodyweight. When on a caloric deficit or while intensive training the recommendation can go up to 2g of protein per bodyweight.

Omega 3

An important supplement recommended to reduce inflammation while promoting an increase in the breakdown and use of fatty acids.

Also, supplementation with fish oil is highly recommended if fish and seafoods are not part of your regular consumption.


Collagen is a naturally occurring protein. One third of the body’s protein is found in skin, bones and tendons, consisting of collagen. Collagen is also found in ligaments, connective tissue, cartilages, muscles, hair, skin and nails.

In supplementation, collagen is used to strengthen and revitalize these parts of our bodies which need attention especially if you exercise often.

Collagen also supports a better sleep if taken before bedtime. The taste is not that good by itself so it’s highly recommended to blend it in your whey or a tasty warm berry tea.


We are usually deficient in magnesium and unless we regularly take blood tests, we often oversee magnesium intake.

Magnesium is needed and involved in every cell activity in the human body, hence its importance. The most usual signs of deficiency include insomnia or difficulty to sleep, conspiration and anxiety.

In sports supplementation, magnesium is used as an overall energy booster.


Zinc has different benefits for men and women. In men, appropriate zinc levels aid with testosterone production and overall immunity booster, while the benefits for women translate into a more effective metabolism.

Zinc has also been found to stabilize blood sugar levels as it plays a major role in the synthesis, storage and release of insulin in the pancreas.

Vitamin D3

Most people are deficient in Vitamin D, especially in Scandinavia where the intake must be much higher than the generalized recommendations.

Vitamin D is essential for a well functioning metabolism and strengthened immunity. It also keeps our teeth strong and healthy.

I’ve now tried all flavours and they’re all fantastic – orange chocolate and blueberry are a tie for my favourite.

— Locky (verified buyer)

Har bara provat Apelsin-Choklad och tillsammans med mjölk så smakar det fruktansvärt gott och blandar sig riktigt bra. Tycker det smakar nästan exakt som smält Apelsin-Choklad glass, 5/5 helt klart.

— Christian (verified buyer)

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