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Top Needs for Baby Care

We’re constantly told that having a child is OH so expensive!, but what does it really take to have a baby? I am coming here with my own experience, living in Sweden, where we gladly receive free medical service so that is already off the list. But what does a baby really needs? Each baby is different hence do not expect to being able to follow this list religiously, but I thought it would be interesting to write down what Astrid needs for her every day wellbeing especially for the followers that do not have a baby yet and are looking into the possibility of starting a family.

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My 17 Must-Haves During Pregnancy

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Yey! I made it to the third trimester and I am only 60 something days away from seeing the face of a cute little angel made out of love and fat rolls (probably).
As it was a planned pregnancy, I was not taken by surprise actually (the only surprise was that it happened right away), so I was not stressed about what was going to come. I just took it as it came indeed – bloating, little food sensitivities and not much at the beginning. I didn’t want to waste money on unnecessary things either that you see being advertised all the time ”for pregnant women”.

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4 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

It’s also important to take into consideration that the quantity of these products might differ depending of your state and overall activity. I recommend higher dosage of ”the good stuff” for both bodybuilders/powerlifters and pregnant women. Why? Simply because all these 3 have a highly important common point: building of new and healthy tissue and cells.

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A Responsibility For Life vs Temporary Parenthood

I am here today to talk about some comments from the video below that among other things rises the question of appropriate parenthood within Western Europe. I have been digging in the comments’ section and I got to say I am shocked to see, whether these people are truly commenting what they think or they are internet trolling, how many men are trying to escape the blame of poor fatherhood or throwing the blame ball at the Western women just because it is easier.