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You want to create better habits for yourself but you don’t know where to get started and most importantly you do not know anymore what is bluff and what is healthy. Trends come and go, you see new buzzed diets out every single year and all the social media influencers giving it a try, makes you almost fall for it. No. Take a break and find yourself, your wishes, goals and ultimate focus you have with your eating.

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Strength Training for Women Before Pregnancy

This post will be part of a Strength Training sequence that aims at introducing and encouraging women to lose the fear to the heavy weights in the gym and build a strong foundation for their body to function in diverse situations. I have personally been asked on tips and guidance for beginners by women that want to give strength training a try and see results, hence I will take this post to draw an introduction or guide into strength training, its basics and how to start making a change by yourself without the need of expensive coaching. Please remember to check with your doctor your own conditions before lifting, pregnancy, etc. This post is merely informative and not claiming to be of official guidance.