The food we ingest gets converted to glucose in the process of digestion. Glucose is the source of fuel to body. Each cell of our body requires insulin for transport of glucose across the cell.

Insulin acts as a key for transport of glucose into the cell.

Insulin resistance is a state in which cells of the body do not respond (or resist) insulin. This results in inability of glucose to pass into the cell.

The glucose therefore spills into the blood, leading to high blood glucose or hyper-glycemia, which is characteristic of Diabetes (more specifically type 2 diabetes). Therefore insulin resistance leads to type 2 diabetes.

Hack the glycemic index in your foods by choosing whole foods instead of processed items.

As we’ve discussed yesterday, even fruits and vegetables contain insulin inducing responses.

A balanced diet with whole foods and the necessary for your own needs, without refined sugars, flours and grains, focusing on whole fat unprocessed foods will keep you SATISFIED without the need of ruminating the entire day (some food advisors prefer advising low fat and high volume) but leaving a window for better NUTRIENT ABSORPTION from the high nutrient food you ingest.

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