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If you need support to reach your fitness and/or health goals, I will be most happy to give you a helping hand. Here is what I can help you with:

  • A fully customised healthy weight-loss or weight-gain plan based on using real, nourishing foods, or a customised healthy weight maintenance plan filled with good food options with 7 options for each day of the week, supporting your long-term wellbeing and hormonal balance. All three of these are available for both men and women. One time payment. This includes:
    – All disliked foods excluded (unless we decide they’re beneficial to you and I make something to fit your liking with them)
    – Hormone balancing focus on each meal
    – A general shopping list with the major ingredients you might need to purchase for preparing the recommended meals
    – Recipes for each meal with list of ingredients, instructions, macros and portion recommendation for you, while you’re able to feed your family also if wished
    – Email support

  • A fully customised training schedule for women only that is designed based on your needs, goals and body, taking into account your fitness level and your gym’s equipment availability and recommendation for your own purpose and goals. One time payment.

My staple idea is:

to avoid using the typical ”fitness foods” (f.e. ”rice and chicken”) that have been promoted heavily by our modern Western dieting culture and rather focus on local, seasonal options that adapt to our needs better, giving us the exact needed amount of both macronutrients and micronutrients, a better digestion thanks to our body’s adaptation on local available produce and a balanced hormonal activity.

How to sign up for coaching?

  1. Pay for your desired option(s) and write a note with your name on the payment and what your choice is if you choose a combo (what plan you want to go with).
  2. After payment is done, send me an email so I can send you the questionnaire (within the following 24h after your payment).
  3. After you fill the questionnaire, it will take me:
  • 5 days for the customised meal plan
  • 3 days for the customised training schedule
  • 1 week for a combo (a meal plan + a training schedule)

4. We can keep in touch for 2 weeks after purchasing a meal plan alone and up to 4 weeks after purchase of a combo, if you wish (every Saturday you can email me, and I answer on Sunday) for a little extra support if you have any questions on your adjustments, exercises, progress, etc. I will not answer clients’ questions via Instagram.

Nourishing Weight-Loss Plan

A plan that adjust exactly to your caloric needs according to your activity level and lifestyle helping you reach your goal within a realistic timeline and without dangerous shortcuts. The plan comes as a complete guide with information on precisely your needs and including recipes for your meals.

SEK 935.00

Nourishing Weight Gain Plan

A plan that strives at upping your intake of healthy and hearty meals to aid you gain the weight needed while using real foods instead of big amounts of refined grains or sugars. The plan comes as a complete guide with information on precisely your needs and including recipes for your meals.

SEK 935.00

Nourishing Weight Maintenance Plan

The perfect plan for your that want to stay at the same weight but become healthier and perhaps aid your hormonal system without counting calories necessarily. We will focus on homemade meals that are focusing on your micronutrient intake and nutrients absorption.The plan comes as a complete guide with information on precisely your needs and including recipes for your meals.

SEK 935.00

Women’s Training Schedule

A completely customised training schedule only for women, of 3 or 5 sessions that fits your realistic goals, lifestyle and gym equipment. I focus on what is best for you to train based on physical strengths and weaknesses.

SEK 727.00

Women’s Combo Plan: A Nourishing Plan + Training

If you want a complete pack, you can choose from your favourite nourishing meal plan (weight loss, weight gain or maintainance) and add the training schedule into your routine as well. These two will also be completely customised to your needs and lifestyle as well as fitness goals, while maintaining a healthy gut and hormonal balance.

SEK 1,662.00

Or pay here: Check each product’s price in the description above and follow the steps to sign up. Remember you can pay in SEK even from a US or European bank account, without any additional fees to my PayPal, please always send your payment in SEK.