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Mommy to a 2 years old, wife and Certified Nutritionist by the Complimentary Medical Association (in the UK). Perhaps irrelevant* to mention here, I am also a Master of Science (MSc.) specialised in Economics from one of the world’s most prestigious economics schools located in Scandinavia, with a background in Revenue Management for luxury hotel chains.
* I personally appreciate knowing about the official accomplishments’ background of a private health advisor as it often correlates with their capacities and research dedication.

I grew up surrounded by women nourishing their families with hearty foods and preserving seasonal traditions from both Eastern European and German rich heritage. A woman I highly respected and loved, my grandmother, cooked for the entire family every week, and seeing her dexterity and passion for preserving these nourishing customs, it inspired me ever since a child. I grew up loving food, traditional and old-fashioned cooking from huge pots.

Growing up I started to love preparing meals for my parents, myself as a student (and powerlifting at 65 kg bodyweight with the last tested stats of 1 RM: DL at 150 kg, Squat 138,8 kg, Bench Press 80 kg, right before first pregnancy) and now my husband and my sweet child. Being a mother and out of university gave me the opportunity to have the time and get a formal certification in Nutrition. However, the most I learnt myself while researching as curriculums are never that stretchy nor renewed.

The more I learnt, the more I went back to my roots, the nourishing, seasonal diet I was brought up with. Learning about nutrients, symptoms and seeing so many people in pain – women suffering increasingly from PMS and reproductive issues and men suffering from a brutal reduction in testosterone, made me realise I could help!

I am also currently educating myself on gut health in order to make sensible assessments and help others improve their diet and lifestyle so they can achieve their health goals. 

Since I love what I am doing, I am constantly learning and improving my knowledge, following the latest medical research and studies, I write and update here about a variety of topics within health & wellness.

My focus topics are endocrinological issues and optimisation of health, metabolism, hormonal production from a nutritional improvement in individuals.

What I do best:

  • Help you understand the importance of nutrition
  • Help you understand balance in your lifestyle
  • Optimise your nutritional intake via fully personalised advice
  • Pinpoint changes in your diet and routines
  • Guide you through changes to heal your imbalances/symptoms
  • Target healing from the root cause of your imbalances/symptoms
  • Assessing your personal needs taking your background and ancestry into account
  • Balancing your nutrient intake
  • Personalised lifestyle advice
  • Personalised meal planning with recipes
  • Personalised weight loss or gain plan focusing on both macro and micronutrient intake
  • Create recipes
  • Personalised supplementation assessment

You can always ask me if there’s something I might help you with. Remember I am not officially qualified to provide ”medical advice”, so if you have any medical issue that requires immediate attention or you seek help in an emergency case, please check with a medical provider or your usual family doctor first.

Some goals I have successfully helped clients with:

  • Weight, size and strength gain
  • PCOS symptoms management
  • Regulating menstrual cycles
  • Supporting a nourishing pre-conception nutrition

When coaching slots are released, you will find an update on my Instagram, Telegram and Gab profiles.

I do not take more than 1 client at a time for the purpose of fully personalising and focusing on their own goals and needs. Sometimes my coaching sessions are closed as I am busy with my family. Right now slots are closed as I have 2 books to be releaseda cookbook and an e-book on Metabolism Health. Check my social media for any updates and release dates.

If you have any questions regarding my coaching services, slots, things I could help you with, feel free to write me using this form:

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