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Super Fluffy Focaccia Bread

The other day we ran out of bread and also out of sourdough, so I put together basic ingredients to make a big oven pan focaccia for the evening, as a special occasion since we do not really eat bread. We ended up trying to watch GoodFellas until we got tired of the loud screams and laughter. I received many requests in Instagram regarding the recipe, so here it goes.

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Jotunheim Clean Snickers Protein Bars

I have been trying to ”perfect” this recipe as much as possible with the help of my dear husband that has been tasting all my attempts. But I think I have finally reached a final recipe this Tuesday. The reason why I insist on making your own high protein foods is because of the lack of bad stuff in it, no conservatives/preservatives, no Es, nothing additional besides really clean and functional ingredients that I have particularly chosen to make them not only tastier but also better in terms of macros. So here we go!