This might not be something you were looking for necessarily, but first time I found Delia’s Christmas series it just transported me straight to the British Islands and a house smelling like spices and liqueurs, food filled with tradition. Many of the foods are traditional English.

Last year it was far too late for me to recreate any of her delicious traditional recipes but I would really like to do it this year and I have set my eyes on sausage roll with a good quality meat and a homemade pastry I will need to make myself.

I wanted to post her Christmas series I meant and perhaps inspire you to get to try something also? Perhaps the Christmas pudding is for the ambitious (I would love to do it but the amount of booze in it it’s insane and that’s quite expensive – I prefer to use our money to buy some healthier options). But if you feel like trying, afford splurging and want to really impress your guests, go ahead!

What do you say? Shall we make it a cosy Yule? The countdown has started!

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