Some of you might be past ovulation right now or perhaps ovulating. I have waited with this post to see the full moon phase (which usually is observed at the same time with most ovulations).

Ovulation marks the time when the mature egg is released from the ovary (remember it takes 3-4 months to mature an egg, meaning that your health has an impact 3-4 months PRIOR to actually conceiving/fertilising that egg) and it starts with a surge of LH (luteinising hormone) which causes the follicle to rupture .

During ovulation you are most fertile. Now warming foods are needed by the body so blood flow is increased. While ovulating the body loses temperature (BBT – body’s lowest resting temperature) a little easier and you tend to feel cooler, after ovulation has happened, your body’s temperature rises again (then you realise you’ve ovulated) due to progesterone being released after the egg is released. You can actually measure your BBT every single day of the cycle and keep track to find your fertile window and ovulation day.

Due to temperature and stomach sensitivities at this stage (just as during the menstruating phase), it’s better if you skip raw, cold or frozen foods. Focus on aiding your gut microbiome by eating fermented foods (vegetables or dairy). Bone broth is also 👉🏻 a great way to support digestion as well as bromelain enzyme found in pineapple’s core for both digestion and possible embryo implantation!

During ovulation your beta brainwave activity is high meaning that you’re very alert, able to learn fast, outgoing, willing to receive attention, hungry for attention from outside and willing to be noticed by the opposite sex (evolutionary speaking, this makes so much sense!).

What to eat: carrots, mushrooms, avocados, melons, Brussels sprouts are all rich in GSH (glutathione, an antioxidant that helps you flush out toxins) and add sulphur rich foods to aid with the synthesis of GSH such as meat, eggs and fish, onion, garlic and cabbage.
This is especially important as the body needs to eliminate excess oestrogen at this point.

You might also want to look into magnesium rich foods to help balance oestrogen and progesterone; foods like dark chocolate, organic cocoa or eggs rich in vitamin B and meat to support possible implantation or the end of this phase.

Now you can choose high-impact workouts. You can test your PRs also as your testosterone is on the rise. But remember to nourish the body first! It’s also the time when the opposite sex feel biologically and irrationally more attracted towards you.

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