Your hormone levels are starting to raise up now. The pituitary gland then releases follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) aiding your body to grow around 30 follicles (tiny sacs of fluid in the ovaries walls) out of which only 1 of them will keep growing.

While our body starts producing oestrogen, your uterine lining will start thickening preparing for the implantation of the (perhaps) fertilised egg.
‼️This is why it’s extremely important to nourish your body at all stages of your cycle and not fast for more than overnight – the female body constantly prepares for a pregnancy and so, it regulates its entire cycle and metabolism. ‼️

As your hormonal production starts growing, so do your energy levels and alertness – it’s basically the best time to get things done and schedule activities that require physical strength 🔥 (if you are in the gym and you want to try a PR, this is when it should be tested).

Your muscles require more protein now, more fats to support metabolism, complex carbs to aid with a natural detox (literally, avoiding constipation because oestrogen gets eliminated by going to the bathroom regularly), warm nourishing foods filled with collagen and zinc, vitamin D, B9, B12.

Iron helps with the production of red cells and transports oxygen throughout the body – you are in need of this during and after your bleeding days are over. 👉 You should eat plentiful during this phase for the reason that your body also requires more as it prepared for ovulation (egg release) and possible fertilisation (even if it doesn’t happen, the body needs the necessary tools to metabolise through this phase).

It’s very important to stay away from alcohol (always, but especially in this phase) as it can quickly dehydrate the body and impact in the metabolism, cause hormonal imbalance and change the fluidity of your cervical mucus (which is what makes it hard or easy to fall pregnant) to thicken beyond desired.

What to eat? Wild salmon, red meat and organ meats, raw carrot every day, pre-soaked oatmeal with honey and Ceylon cinnamon, eggs and foods high in vitamin E (to nourish the growing follicles) such as almonds as snacks and kiwis, trout fish.

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