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This post will mainly focus on the gravity of iodine deficiency as seen on women, especially pregnant women, following a modern Western diet, particularly plant-based. We will start with a quick introduction to iodine and its functions and we will navigate through the meaning of a iodine deficiency while pregnant or not, leaving you with some very disturbing findings coming from Iceland.

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Our bodies are made to naturally function and produce the necessary substances that allow us to thrive in perfect balance, but, same as in nature, when we come in contact with certain substances or chemicals that were not produced naturally by our bodies, our system reacts by provoking a domino effect of multiple negative responses. Let’s look into what provokes these negative changes that end up in hormonal imbalance.

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You want to create better habits for yourself but you don’t know where to get started and most importantly you do not know anymore what is bluff and what is healthy. Trends come and go, you see new buzzed diets out every single year and all the social media influencers giving it a try, makes you almost fall for it. No. Take a break and find yourself, your wishes, goals and ultimate focus you have with your eating.

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4 Fermented Foods To Add To Your Diet

There has been an increasing fame for fermented foods lately mainly due to the health benefits that arrived with the trend of brewed kombucha drink that’s being enjoyed now everywhere in the world. Fermented foods are a rich source of beneficial bacteria yeast that will aid the breakdown of sugars which results in much longer shelf-life for products due to the fermentation process while increasing the good bacteria in your food in comparison with untreated fresh produce.

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The Top 5 Dishes of My Childhood

Header image by I, Sailko / CC BY-SA (

I would love to do a ”what I eat in a day” kind of post but it would take too much time being with the camera in the hand and probably not the most comfortable with little Astrid, so the best I can do is to just talk a little bit more about what we eat/I cook.