I am here today to talk about some comments from the video below that among other things rises the question of appropriate parenthood within Western Europe. I have been digging in the comments’ section and I got to say I am shocked to see, whether these people are truly commenting what they think or they are internet trolling, how many men are trying to escape the blame of poor fatherhood or throwing the blame ball at the Western women just because it is easier.

If anything I am here to offer an unbiased view of the situation and from my own experience.

”Scandinavian Girls Beheaded in Morocco. Where Were Their Fathers?” by The Golden One in YouTube.

And the comments that I will address portray an overall view that I have seen way too often in comment sections, in forums and other places some men try to justify their lack of responsibility.

What is wrong with these men and women?

Can you guess, perhaps? They follow the same pattern or tendency to escape reality and responsibility by claiming that the fathers or mothers of these 2 girls had nothing to do with them making a terrible mistake by travelling to unsafe areas for Western women. It’s probably easy to say if you’ve never been a parent, or, if you never faced big responsibilities such as having the life of someone in your hands. It is easy to blame it on ”these two grown 20-something old women” that ”had nothing to do with their parental education”.

To say the least, both parents had a lot to do with their daughters not being able to posses good judging skills, take wise and mature decisions, being involved in dangerous situation and yet being unable to see the reality of things, which is the cruel cultural truth: that a Western woman is only safe in the West, as well stated in the video, mainly due to the liberties Western men have sacrificed and allowed for this to happen.

I know for my own experience that my father, even if I would’ve been 35 years of age, would literally physically stop me from getting up on a plane that would leave for such places. He would’ve never allowed it no matter my age or capabilities. And that is because he takes parenthood as a lifetime responsibility, unlike many of the men nowadays ”you’re my child until you’re 18, then you can do as you please”. My own father has never said such thing, has worried about me at all times and still does it in same amount as when I was merely a child. He cares, he asks, he advices, he gives his opinion and his approval or disapproval no matter if I want to hear it or not because, no matter how capable I am to take my own decisions, he knows I need to have a figure of respect, a sound voice that will always stay with me – his own. Does it sound like tyranny? No. It sounds like responsible parenthood, he is a man that once I was born he understood the need of protecting me forever, he assumed his role in educating me, in imposing barriers as well as in aiding me whenever I would need it (not ask it, but need it).

Fathers never need to imply that they need consent from their own children to impose something (beneficial as it can be a universal truth) onto them, no matter the age. A father needs to be firm and stand in front of his children, sons or daughters. Both fathers and mothers are responsible for the level of understanding their children get to have about the world, the society, the cultural aspects and differences, the political climate.

Why are we trying to find a blame instead a solution?

No matter the the vox populi, the truth is that women nowadays are not only abandoned by the society but also by their own parents. We can blame that on many things, on the boomers, on the work schedules, on the demands, on poverty, on whatever. But we need to remember that many had it even more difficult yet they were able to give their offspring a good homeschooling, a good education where understanding and a sense of rationality were base for the upbringing of the new generation.

Feminism tells women that they are safe by themselves, ignores the one natural demand of a society, which is to work together towards the best end possible, not blending authority but combining it to a perfection where man and woman, they do extravagantly well in their positions as man and woman are intended to. Feminism tells girls and parents to allow liberty of choice, of action into their children’s life because this will later on benefit their ”independence”. If you are a family, why would you even want your child to ”be independent” from you? Financial independence can be attained if girls or boys would be taught everlasting skills that can be passed from father to son and mother to daughter. But emotional independence shouldn’t even be an option, yet every single day we see both mothers and fathers ”taking a break from their parenthood” with the excuse that ”affects their relationship”, instead of learning to work in symbiosis.

Feminism sells the lie that women are independent by themselves, that they can do whatever they please to, that they are ”equal” to men and they need no men in their life. They sell the lie of a broken society, pointing at the differences between men and women which should only be natural since the day we are born. A woman is more valuable than a man in many ways, mainly because of her reproductive value and the bond she has and develops with her children. A man is equally valuable, in his own way. He is extremely needed for the formation of a functional healthy family and yet he is hated, trashed and discouraged by Feminism (with the intent of seeking ”equality”).

There is no balance in the feministic dream. There are only women, doing men’s jobs, for the sake of ”equality”. A false, unnatural equality that shouldn’t be pursued more than the feminine satisfaction (the formation of a healthy family and carrying such).

I wouldn’t be surprised if the parents of these 2 girls were equally lost in the lies that the western liberal world has sold them: ”We are all equal, Africa or Europe, Asia or America. We are all one.” They probably thought they’ve educated their children as best as they’ve could, they probably do not see what’s behind the lies they were fed to actually make their own daughters to believe in a fair fantasy world.

To sum up…

Stop running from responsibility as a grown man, father of your daughter or son, you should be the face of authority no matter the age of your offspring.

If you are unable to educate your children to see you as the main advisor, as the head of the family, as the man they should first ask/consult/obey when in need, the blame for their disgraces are equally yours. After all, weren’t you seeking equality?

If you have any thoughts on the topic, go ahead and comment in the video or drop me a comment here!

See you next time!


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