Both European settlers and Indians in the Americas used evening primrose as food. But you will be surprised to learn the impact that this special flower’s oil has on hormone health, skin, hair and even bones,…powerful!

The dietary supplement of evening primrose comes from the gathered seeds of the flowers, cold-pressed to gather the oil and then encapsulated. The oil (omega-6) is high in essential fatty acids which provide the building blocks for cell membranes and many hormones or hormone-like substances. This oil is also present in other vegetable oils, however products in the market are also artificially enriched with it, which makes it far too abundant and provokes a misbalance in the O3-O6 ratio in the body. Omega 6 is sensitive to heat and can provoke a disruption in the production of prostaglandins, so use with moderation and do not take if you suffer from seizures, cancer or hormonal imbalance.

When taken as therapy, its benefits include:

  1. Reduction of PMS pain, when taken on cycle day 1 up to ovulation as a 1500 mg/day.
  2. Increases cervical mucus 500 mg x 3 /day each cycle, hence aids with fertility issues (the sperm needs glide to reach the egg, hence cervical mucus is of outmost importance to conceive) PMCID: PMC8127905
  3. Can solve some acne issues (if caused by hormonal imbalance, since it contains phytoestrogens)
  4. Stops hair loss when applied to the scalp and hair as a mask
  5. Aids with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis associated pains if taken as 500 mg/day

I see the usage of evening primrose very uncontrolled many times recommended online without further directions. I find it important to bring awareness that plants CAN be used as medicine but with a lot of care. Even many modern pharmacological firms are still using plants and herbs for their active components when making drugs that we buy in the form of tablets or capsules at the pharmacy. Plants and herbs are amazing, but also very powerful.

Use evening primrose, if you struggle with progesterone dominance, with dry cervical mucus, or low oestrogen in general and hormonal acne. Otherwise, avoid adding unnecessary supplements into your routine.

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