Calories are not created to provide your body with the same quality of energy. When you look at your day and you’re planning your food sources based on a caloric need (whether a surplus or deficit), look firstly at the quality of these food sources.

  1. Eggs, butter, unpasteurised dairy whenever possible, organ meats, raw cacao, Omega 3 sources and saturated fats from animals (tallow, lard) and non-seed oils such as olive oil for salads or avocado oil (if you can access it).
  2. Don’t forget about: wild salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, shrimps, liver and/or brains, eggs, raw cream, butter to cook or serve with a sprinkle of sea salt and kelp on a sourdough toast, fish eggs, berries, lard slices on bread with fresh parsley, fermented dairy and high fat creams in whey shakes, fermented vegetables, carbohydrates that do not affect your digestion (watch out for legumes and grains and learn how to prepare them or avoid them and substitute with potatoes and melted butter).
  3. Eat regular and not too many times per day. Fill your meals with protein and fats to satiate and skip low-fat 🧪 lab made foods.
  4. If you snack between meals, make it a mini-meal. Make it high-protein or high-fat (f.e. a can of fish, boiled eggs, lard toast, fish eggs on eggs, etc)
  5. Skip restaurants.
  6. If you are used to enjoying sweets, make them homemade with best ingredients and avoid refined sugar. Look at sweets as part of a celebratory ritual. Not as a reward or need. Use raw honey or coconut sugar whenever you’re looking for a treat.
  7. Cod liver oil is a must.
  8. Research and see what’s local and seasonal in your area and try to stitch your meals based on those foods. It won’t be possible at all times but, it’s a lesson of how to eat and reset your body from foods that are not genetically compatible with your needs.

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