Your choice of food will not only “satisfy your belly”, but will trigger signals, turning your body on and off, starting hormonal production, making changes in your name and provoking reactions you cannot even imagine.

The impact of this cocktail of responses to what you eat at each and every meal, the choices you make, the quality of your food, will in the end impact your quality of eggs or sperm, the quality of those genes you pass on, the health of your newborn, toddler and their health as an adult.

Their physical beauty is determined by what you consume, the foods you use to give your body to work with.

Nutrition can be used to alter gene expression and hence, it can be considered epigenetic.

It’s not wrong to want to give better, to be better, to feel better, to look better (especially facially), to live better.

The intake of a young man in reproductive age and that of a woman before conception is what determines the future of a child’s success (health, capabilities, beauty).

Your genetic makeup is controlled by the stimuli it gets, from physical stress or movement, nutrition and environmental conditions.

Stop seeing food as momentarily “fuel for the body”, food is life and every choice counts as a + or – .

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