Octopus is a source of complete protein depending on the way you prepare it, filled with Omega-3, they contain a very special amino acid called ‘’taurine’’.

Taurine is concentrated in your brain, eyes, heart and muscle, hence is naturally stored & produced in your body without building proteins as most other amino acids!

Taurine is also taken as a supplement especially by individuals that suffer from an array of conditions and even added to energy drinks.

No, it is not extracted from bull’s testicles as opposed to vulgar belief, but its main sources come from meat, fish and dairy and randomly added to vegan processed foods however, this type of taurine is synthetic and not naturally sourced as from animal foods.

  1. Taurine regulates the immune system and antioxidant functions
  2. Supports the central nervous system and eyes
  3. Helps you maintain a good level of hydration and electrolyte balance in cells
  4. Regulates calcium in your cells
  5. Supports a healthy digestion by creating bile salts

Chances are that you’re able to produce taurine by yourself, unless you suffer from a heart of kidney condition, however an animal based diet should support the needs of taurine. Upon deficiency, symptoms are often related to poor blood sugar control and impaired brain function.

Per 85g of cooked octopus: 138 kcal, 25,4g protein, 1,8g fat, 3,7g carbs, 336mg taurine and check out the % of DV!

275% Vitamin B12, 138.55% Selenium, 101.38% Iron, 69.78% Copper, 65.97% Isoleucine, 64.55% tryptophan, 61.99% threonine, 56.64% lysine, 52.46% valine, 48.27% leucine, 42.38% Vitamin B6, 39.53% histidine, 33.86% phosphorus, 26.07% sodium, 26% zinc, 20.08% niacin, 15.30% vitamin B5, 12.51% Choline, 12.14% magnesium, 11.40% potassium and 10.86% of Vitamin A.

If you have access to eating octopus, eat it! A good way to prepare is boiling it until tender enough, marinate it or spice it with paprika!

Exquisite and highly nutritious.

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