A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology which involved 8000 children with a variety of diets, reached to the conclusion that drinking raw milk as part of their every day routine for the time of trial had given them immunising effects (see PMID: 22054181).

Nutrients such as probiotics, vitamin D and immunoglobulins found in raw milk naturally boost your immunity reducing the risk of allergies. The enzymes found in raw milk that help with digestion are often reduced or destroyed during the pasteurization process, which in return can contribute to lactose intolerance.

Raw milk actually aids with skin issues due to high contents of healthy saturated fats and omega-3s which support skin hydration. Probiotics in milk have the power of killing bad bacteria in the gut (lowering inflammation) which directly impacts the improving of your skin’s health.

Raw milk contains more calcium and nutrients than the processed version.
One serving of raw milk offers:
400 mg Calcium
50 mg Magnesium
500 mg Potassium

These also happen to be 3 mineral deficiencies that most adult and children suffer from.

Raw milk was found to fight H.pylori infection (bad breath) thanks to they whey proteins and good bacteria found in fermented milk, which brings to the following point:

Makes great probiotic foods that aid with nutrient absorption and protects you against harmful bacteria such as E.coli. These benefits will come by consuming raw milk, cheese or fermented yoghurts.

A superfood because contains: fat-soluble vitamin content of A, D and K2 (supporting the brain and nervous system, bone density, and naturally hormone balancers), the short chain fatty acids CLA and omega-3s (cancer prevention, healthy cholesterol), a good dose of calcium, magnesium and potassium, whey protein and immunoglobulin (better immunity).

Raw milk isn’t easy to find everywhere. I highly recommend you to come in direct contact with dairy farmers and ask for arrangements or get in touch at local farmers’ markets!

In Sweden, look for Lantmjölk (lågpastöriserad) if you can’t get raw milk.

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