Eating grilled skinless chicken with steamed veggies? Here some quick facts to get you out of the typical ”fitness routine”.

Fats act like links, aiding proteins to finish their functions. Fats start chemical reactions that aid with growth control, immune function, reproduction and many other aspects of our basic metabolism.

The obsessive consumption of low fat sources of proteins (skinless meat, lean cuts, fat-free dairy, etc) leads to an ever-sick population that suffers from vitamin A and D deficiencies.

Always make sure to combine your proteins with fats instead of carbohydrates.

If you want your nutrients to be absorbed correctly, whenever you eat a protein source add butter or leave the skins on for consumption after preparation.


  1. While eating fat and protein together is better than protein and carb, is it alright to combine all three components? For example: potatoes (carb), chicken (protein) roasted in duck fat with mayonnaise (fat).


    1. Absolutely! Best is to balance and combine all 3 macronutrients in the same meal – but if you ever skip protein at a meal, make sure you pair your carbs (which should be root vegetables or well prepared and sprouted grains) with fats. This will help your body digest much better!

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