Sun is extremely important for our body, cycles and rhythms, it’s essential. Depending on your ethnicity AND DIET, you will actually be able to absorb vitamin D easier, take sun without an issue or get burnt.

Tanning is burnt skin cells. When the skin turns red: danger zone. Red, as with everything in nature, draws attention and alerts one that the skin is getting ready to be burnt.

OK: if you intake enough collagen via meat or a clean supplement and allow enough window between sunning to recover.
BAD: if you smear your body in chemicals between sunning sessions while all those will be absorbed onto your system once they get heated up with the warmth of the sun during your next exposure.

Sunscreen is bad. Unnecessary if we rather learn how to expose ourselves to the sun, avoid peak UV hours and take breaks or shield ourselves via shadow when outside. Commercial sunscreen must be avoided by all means as the chemicals present get absorbed in the body and trigger a hormonal imbalance quite easily, aside promoting cancerous reactions from reforming cells.

Tips to build a natural sun protection:

  1. Eat foods containing fats (incl. saturated fat)
  2. Eat seafood and wild-caught salmon and cod liver oil
  3. Eat antioxidants (lycopene & astaxanthin)
  4. Avoid sugars and vegetable oils (as they allow UV radiation to accummulate in the dermis, promoting skin tumor multiplicity)
  5. Avoid inflammatory foods (sugars, paprika spices, cayenne, chillis)

Lycopene is a bright red carotenoid that colours tomatoes, rosehip, strawberries, watermelon, etc. In this case, cooking tomatoes before consuming them is better as the content of lycopene becomes more available with heat. Lycopene is better absorbed in presence of fats, a good olive oil for salads and other animal fats for cooked meals. As well as a summer breakfast of watermelon and full-fat yoghurt.

Astaxanthin is what gives salmon, roe, lobster and shrimp that deep orange color. It’s a potent antioxidant that protects the skin against sun damage. Wild-caught salmon, shrimps also come with other nutrients key for the health of your skin while exposed to the sun: vitamin D and iodine among others.

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