It takes 2 to conceive a perfectly healthy, beautiful baby that will grow into an intelligent capable adult. Mothers are more pressured to have a good diet and lifestyle (no stress – no physical nor mental exhaustion) because they impact the child for a longer period of time while carrying the baby. Nonetheless, DNA and success or failure is already predicted when the egg is fertilised by sperm.

Some virility and nutrition tips for men:

  • Maintain a body fat between 8 and 20%
  • No smoking (no tobacco, vape nor cannabis, etc)
  • No alcohol (scientifically there is 0 benefit of any existing alcoholic drink, so you can drop the excuse of the ‘’healthy red wine’’)
  • Improve your circadian rhythm
  • Introduce collagen in your diet (bony fish, bone broth, a clean supplement, eggs, slow cooked meat)
  • No steroids, anti-inflammatories, sleep pills, acne drugs, diuretics
  • Skin sauna/hot baths while trying to conceive (can harm the sperm inside testicles)
  • No overexercise (focus on weight lifting/compound training rather than HIIT)
  • More Omega-3s (from fatty fish), antioxidants (from berries), more lysine (red meat, eggs, parsley, cheese, bacon)
  • Avoid plastics and hormone disturbants (from perfumes, plastic ware in the kitchen, personal hygiene items)

Male infertility is 30-40% of all infertility cases. Infertility affects men as much as it affects women.

Male infertility is determined by a male’s inability to produce adequate sperm concentration, motility or normal sperm morphology. These can be due to testicular injury but most of the time due to nutrition/lifestyle factors.

Young, healthy men will benefit greatly if they start to nourish their reproductive health in time as it takes about 90 days to make one single sperm cell (and to improve it). A healthy man is a fertile man.

Remember ‘’healthy’’ means something different for everyone. If your reproductive health doesn’t improve, look closer at what you’re doing. (vegan/keto/cleansing/macrofocus/IIFYM, etc).

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