Having a functional test prior to conceiving might seem ‘’too much work’’ for many, but unless you had a very good diet growing up and as an adult (no smoke, no alcohol, no stress, no vegan/crush/restrictive dieting), then it might be a good start if you’re trying your best to actually not just conceive a baby, but rather conceive a healthy baby that will develop into a healthy adult, physically and mentally.

Micronutrient testing is can pinpoint key deficiencies that can impact fertility and disclose reasons behind your symptoms. Follow the following:

  1. B12, B6, folate, choline: deficiencies in these are translated to poor egg quality as they’re key for genetic programming.
  2. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, CoQ10: deficiencies in these often mean that the antioxidant capacity doesn’t work as it should and your body has a hard time to protect maturing eggs from oxidation (damage to DNA).
  3. Zinc, selenium, magnesium, iron, copper and Vitamin A: these are known to support hormone balance and a healthy endometrial lining.

Thinking that you’re OK and assuming you will be fine conceiving and carrying a pregnancy can cost you the health of your future child, childhood illnesses and chronic issues following him/her into adulthood such as high blood pressure, insulin resistance among others.

The reason behind more emphasis on testing and nutrition now more than ever before is due to a degrading diet and lifestyle since 2 generations ago that not only impacted your grandparents but also your parents and consequently you, especially if you’ve grown up in any Western country and city.

There is no 1 diet fits all because each of you might have special needs when one or more deficiencies are spotted, reason why the more diverse your diet is, the better chances at covering your needs. There are better and worse foods and that’s the main focus on many posts of my account beside just general health.

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