I have seen breakfast recommendations far too often online and they’re all unbalance in a way or another: either too many carbs, not enough fat, not enough protein or too much sugar!

Bowls of endless fruit, huge portions of oatmeal (mostly prepared incorrectly and not soaked for at least 7 hours prior serving), exotic ingredients that are quite expensive to consume on a daily basis, incomplete eggs (only white eggs) or all sorts of toasts and sweet spreads with white toast bread.

A coach that restricts your nutrient sources to minimise your caloric intake is a mad incompetent that is wasting your money and mocking your health around to even worse than when you hired him/her.

Here are the ideas I sometimes recommend to my clients:

  1. Smoked wild-caught salmon with boiled eggs and lamb lettuce
  2. Two fried eggs with bacon bits served with potato dumplings
  3. A sourdough bread with an avocado paste (fresh avocado, garlic, sea salt flakes, olive oil, black pepper) and 1 sausage (pork, elk, etc)
  4. A milkshake with raw or low pasteurised milk, concentrated protein powder, berries and some coconut butter mixed in
  5. A rye sourdough toast spread with butter, few anchovies on top and a side of 2 boiled eggs with pickled onion on top
  6. Some cheddar cheese and organic grapes to go with, sardines in olive oil and a sourdough bread with butter sprinkled with sea salt
  7. Kimchi or Sauerkraut and 2 fried eggs
  8. One raw, organic, peeled carrot, one sourdough bread slice with a liver spread and fermented cucumber on top

If you are a woman and you’re thinking about fasting, think twice and read my post here on a female-friendly fasting routine!

Also check out similar posts to this one that can help you regulate your hormones, whether you are a man or a woman:


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