No minimum amount required to befoul your system.

  1. Alcohol increases oestrogen production, which is likely the link between increased breast cancer risk and worsened PMS and pain during your cycle.
  2. Alcohol increases toxic burden on your liver since the liver processes all hormones we produce and toxins we intake, alcohol will worsen your liver’s activity.
  1. Alcohol also disrupts your menstrual cycle as it impacts ovulation and fertility directly.
  2. Alcohol increases blood sugar with spikes and drops, which means that people with undiagnosed low blood sugar or diabetes will be negatively impacted while trying to manage this.
  3. Alcohol stalls fat burning, slowing your metabolism and using up the energy saved from food to be processed by your body.
  4. Alcohol prevents you from absorbing vitamins and minerals, reducing stomach acids and enzyme production hence impacting digestion directly as we cannot breakdown our consumed foods.
  5. Alcohol impacts your brain by shrinking frontal lobes, which affects both short and long-term memory.

“But women in the past drank!” Women in the past did not know what they were paying for a drink in fertile age and pregnant. Reason also why, while there were more pregnancies per woman – miscarriages followed quite often as well.

We’re lucky to have a lot of knowledge nowadays that can set us (and our children) up for higher success and a better life.

Give up vices and live freely from the shackles of addiction.

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