No, your acne will not disappear by using the latest advertised cream by influencers in Instagram. But instead, take actions to support your hormonal system for cheaper.

One of the main reasons your hormonal acne doesn’t give you a break: high oestrogen. This will provoke:

Sluggish liver: higher oestrogen in proportion to progesterone slows down liver’s function, halting the metabolism of oestrogen resulting in the recirculation of oestrogen back in the blood. Healthy live = healthy skin.

Sluggish thyroid: oestrogen dominance impacts the production of thyroid hormone produced by the thyroid. Hypothyroidism and Vitamin A deficiencies are biggest reasons behind hormonal acne as the body without proper amount of thyroid cannot convert cholesterol into steroids (one being progesterone). Progesterone is the cure and prevention of acne.

Unhealthy gut: oestrogen dominance = slower digestion but also poorer gut function that fails to eliminate oestrogen. An unhealthy gut puts you at risk for immune diseases, sluggish liver and chronic inflammation – which all show up in the skin.

Excess sebum: enough progesterone is needed to prevent testosterone transforming into DHT (a more aggressive form of testosterone that over produces skin oil). If you have high oestrogen, you won’t have enough progesterone to avoid this.

  • To fuel your liver: Vitamins B, Vitamin C, Amino Acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Taurine, Magnesium.
  • Foods to support your liver: Organ meats, eggs, lemons and oranges or nettles as well as red meats for enough proteins.
  • Aside nutrition, a good sleep is needed also.
  • Avoid beauty products loaded with toxins (those expensive acne creams are just making it worse!), make your own house cleaning products and eating organic as much as possible!

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