The quick way for your doctor to make sure he follows the protocol is to give you a multivitamin instead of advising for the right foods when nutrient deficiencies are detected OR when pregnancy is confirmed.

Multivitamins are synthetic, hence can barely absorb:

  1. Ascorbic Acid added that depletes Copper
  2. Retinyl Palmitate/Beta Carotene is used instead of actual Retinol (Vitamin A)
  3. Folic Acid instead of Folate
  4. Added Iron (Fe) that creates imbalances as your body better absorbs actual heme iron (from animal food sources)
  5. Too much Calcium which can negatively affect arteries when not consumed with Vitamin K2 (often barely added)
  6. Too much synthetic Iron and Calcium and too little Vitamin K2 and the right type of Magnesium
  7. A multivitamin doesn’t improve your health, nor reduces morbidity or mortality
  8. They are not a replacement for actually necessary foods: organ meats, shellfish, fish, saturated fats nor seasonal fruits
  9. The only way to improve your health markers is through targeted supplementation (via food): get tested, see your deficiencies, get a meal plan, stick to it and repeat tests in/every 6-12 months.

This is the main reason I promote a nourishing diet at all stages of your life, especially in fertile age, with no added sugars (use only raw honey or coconut sugar) nor comforts of store bought ready made foods.

Without empowering people by educating them how to improve, they will always be dependant on pills, drugs and a cycle of treatments. Food treats, cures and gives life.

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