We’re constantly told that having a child is OH so expensive!, but what does it really take to have a baby? I am coming here with my own experience, living in Sweden, where we gladly receive free medical service so that is already off the list. But what does a baby really needs? Each baby is different hence do not expect to being able to follow this list religiously, but I thought it would be interesting to write down what Astrid needs for her every day wellbeing especially for the followers that do not have a baby yet and are looking into the possibility of starting a family.

I can tell you this: do not stress, a child does not need much to be happy and healthy – your love, attention and nurture is all they really require. Now to the ”material” aspect, let’s see:

Daily Needs for A 3 Months Old

  • Diapers (you can choose natural ones or disposable, make sure the 1 use ones are soft and ecological and contain no plastic materials)
  • Wipes (you can have washable cloths or disposable wet wipes, again, use ecological and better if with some oil added)
  • Nappy cream (I use a spray of oils since it works better than sticky creams which are more difficult to wash off)
  • Water (for cleaning)
  • Milk (breastmilk or formula, if your body does not produce enough milk)
  • Pacifier (I am not a fan of giving her a pacifier 24/7 but only right before she sleeps so she falls asleep easier and I take it off when she’s deeply sleeping, always look for cues on your baby to make sure he/she likes it and adheres to his/her mouth perfectly)
  • 4 Kimono type bodies (I avoid over-the-head ones as I do not want to touch her fontanelle or squish her head and shoulders)
  • 4 Towels (that only your baby will use, cotton, always)
  • Bath seat (to place in the bathtub and wash him/her comfortably)
  • Bottle (a milk bottle for feeding both breastmilk or formula – avoid super soft one as no one’s nipple is made out of gum, so choose a bottle with a good teat, stiffer and that covers the sides of the mouth of the baby)
  • 2 Thick blankets
  • 2 Thin blankets
  • 2 Thin towels to place over your shoulder to burp him/her
  • Wooden small, light toys
  • Animal teddy (ecologically made, with natural textile, not plushy polyester teddybears)
  • Thermometer
  • Nasal aspirator (by sucking or electrical)
  • Cotton pads and physiological saline solution (for cleaning eyes)
  • Body lotion
  • Vitamin D (through your intake if you checked your levels via blood test or by adding a natural supplement to the baby such as vitamin D drops especially if you are darker of skin)
Astrid also enjoys looking at her mobile and following the hanging toys with her eyes. Make sure they are coloured or have some striking patterns.

No, a child does not need much to be healthy and happy. It’s just the broken system that tells you it’s impossible to have children while young because of financial impossibilities. You can have children if you want to. There are ways to always spend less, recycle with someone in your family, crochet your baby products, shop from small boutiques such as mothers that make products for babies by hand and sell them via Etsy or Instagram, etc.

Having a child is not a burden but a joy from life and the gods above. They will lighten up even your worst days and the care you provide them with is eternally thanked by watching them take their little milestones with each passing week.

Be healthy, eat well, stop drinking (even for occasions), stop smoking, find a good partner that wants the same as you, read read read and make happy healthy children.

1 thought on “TOP NEEDS FOR BABY CARE”

  1. I love what you say at the end of this post! How very true, having babies really doesn’t need to cost a fortune and even it costs even less to have subsequent babies. I’ve always saved everything to pass on to my next babies, some items have been passed down all eight of my babies. People should stop worrying so much about finances, having babies is far more important for our future x

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