If there is one thing that gets to the parents’ head is how to explain ”sex” to their pre-teens/teenager children. Unfortunately, due to exposure to toxic foods, chemical filled waters and pollution, aside from stress and early maturation, girls are starting to get their first menstruation earlier and earlier. It’s worrying because in a culture where children are rather exposed than protected, the law system is a joke and security is completely breeched, it can become really worrisome for a parent to let their child play and enjoy playtime outside peacefully without worrying if they’re fine or sexually harassed.

But back to the initial question…what went so terribly wrong for these newer generations to put such low value on their sexual market? Why is sex seen as a casual, regular and easy thing to engage into? I blame it on the boomer generation, the hippies and the liberals that aimed at easy gratification, at selfishness, at ”living the moment”, the ”carpe diem effect”..that failed badly at explaining the natural cycles of life to their own offspring. This resulting in a generation whose girls not only act promiscuous, but place 0 value on their sexual market and young men that have no respect for themselves nor discipline to control their impulses – they want it and they want it now. Angry, hormonal young adults that suffer the bad parenting they have received. Young men filling their physiological needs with pornography when their desire is not possible and women that fill their emotional gap with easy, spontaneous, one-time sexual activities already at fragile ages that make me shake of fear when I hear about.

”No” to mass indoctrination, ”Yes” to tailored education

The numerous intents of adding Sexual Education to the education system has succeeded in many places both in Europe and North America, nonetheless, the methods of explaining sex are so plain and in lack of emotion and angles that the statistics are equally bad, for abortions, single parenthood, rapes, etc.

The typical image that comes to mind of a Sexual Education course is the teacher handing (!!!) and demonstrating the application of a male condom on an object that serves as reference on how to maintain ”safe sexual relations” without having the girl impregnated or contract diseases (yet another consequence of allowing this promiscuity and encouraging it).

Why? Why do we need condoms, why do we need to hand them out making it seem like ”ahoy! it’s all fine, go on and carry on, do it, as long as you’re keeping it safe!” No.

We should explain sex as the giving life process. This explanation should start at home, in a safe and pure environment where both parents make themselves responsible to answer, explain and clarify everything for their child way before they hit the educational system that has no intention on tailoring its contents, but rather spread the same message to the masses, like all children by that particular age should be emotionally able to understand the implications of sex (what a joke).

Every parent should be able to see when their children start questioning the human body, physiology, feelings, symptoms of puberty, or even the appearance of a little human that they’ll call sibling. Every child is different and every child has different stages and emotional development. A child that is grown in a loving and caring environment will approach these issues when it will come naturally, either part of their way to question existence or just curiosity about their body parts and their differences (especially if there are siblings, take bath together, etc).

Explaining Life, Not Pleasure

Sex is not the act between a man and a woman that want to pleasure themselves because they think they like eachother. And this is the way it is currently explained in the Education System. Sex is seen as something ”mainstream”, ”normal”, almost a ”right” of everyone, reason why we have angry newly discovered feminist young women shouting at the gates of governmental institutions that they are PRO-CHOICE, PRO-ABORTION. They are raising effortless, brainless, emotionless and selfish individuals. We give thumbs up to self-care rather than a collective responsibility. There is absolutely no responsibility to take care of nowadays for a 20 years old woman or man in the face of having sexual intercourse. It’s seen as ”part of being young, rebellious, having fun”.

Sex should be explained by the parents and not by strangers, otherwise it becomes a perverted act already by trusting someone completely outside your safe bubble to tell your child how he/she came to this world, talk about genital organs and the process of ”avoiding pregnancy”. Sex should be explained only as the way of giving life, bringing a child to the world and becoming automatically responsible for his/her life from that point on.

Sex should not be explained as a pleasurable act, as a ”civil right”, nor an alternative to actually exploring falling in love. At any point should a parent seek information online and let the child seek for him/herself explanations online as it usually ends up in a pornography site, a perverse website with graphic explanations which many times are completely unnecessary and other sick imagery.

If a child has grown in a house where the human body is not sexualized, but worshipped for health and beauty, a house that does not imply that nudity is perverse or wrong in some context (sauna, bath, sunbathing, sleeping, etc), a child will be less likely to understand sex as a ”dirty pleasure”, but rather respect its act and link it to deeper feelings and emotions rather than passing whims.

It will not only aid the child to understand the relation between man and woman better, but will also reinforce the sense of responsibility and be reminded that when the time comes, both him/her and the partner will need to be ready to assume the consequences of a possible conception and the idea of starting a family.

It’s the liberal society that wills to gratify whoever, for whatever reason, making a perversion out of a beautiful thing that should only happen between man and woman with the purpose of creating a beautiful future together.

Protect Your Child From The Mass-Produced Education System

Make sure you are well informed when Sexual Education starts for your child’s school curriculum and make sure to hold a pleasant, relaxed and comfortable conversation with him/her way before that. No need to force anything…no need for anything graphic they are not used to, just make couple questions to see if they are even remotely interested in finding out how they popped into this world. This being said, hoping your child has yet no access to internet (as no child should anyway, especially under the late teen age, yeah I know it sounds crazy for many of you but I myself was raised without internet until well in my 17s).

Always make sure your child can opt out of it, if possible, if not, prepare him/her in time. You need no books to read to prepare yourself as a parent for this. You know how you conceived your child, you know where your child is in terms of understanding and emotional development, you know ways to make things sounds beautiful and innocent, pure and loving, then go ahead. You don’t need a book on how to be a parent, same way they need no stranger to explain them how life begins.


  1. Totally agree! The thought of my children learning that from a stranger is horrifying, one of the many reasons I home educate. I now don’t let my pre-teen children have access to the internet or tv, my older ones had access to those things too young and I learnt how that was not good for them so now, the younger ones are without screens (and very limited computer game time) and I’m very pleased with how that is turning out.

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    1. Unfortunately here in Sweden is basically ”illegal” to homeschool, reason why it’s so important for us to understand what means public education. Of course there are better schools than others but the curriculum is largely still the same. I actually do not know if Sexual Education here is a stable subject, however, I plan to do things as I just wrote them..I am sick and tired of seeing everything sexualized nowadays, and not in the good ”procreative” manner, but lustful. It’s becoming an epidemic, even for small children, which is even more sick.
      And definitely the screen and computer restriction is a MUST right now…when I was small things were not as bad but still there was no doubt from my parents that there would be no need of computer in my education. I grabbed the Encyclopedia and so I completed all my homework.


  2. This is a classic post with perfect timing. Thoughtfully written on things that need to be boldly said.
    Most parents tend to side-step this very sensitive aspect of child upbringing for the most absurd reasons though sometimes out of ignorance.
    This great post would definitely contribute a positive difference. Simply awesome.


  3. The best sexual education for children is mother having more babies, and owning farm animals. Then, a they ask their curious little questions, the pieces to the puzzle organically fall into place as they age and become more aware. When our children live artificial, manufactured lives they are supplemented with artificial, manufactured education, often forced upon them based on a bell-curve of the masses rather than their own personal and familial needs.


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