How The Pill affects your relationships and quality of life

Why do women take the pill nowadays? Mostly because they have been given ”medical advice” to treat acne, irregular cycles and mainly, to prevent pregnancy.
Let me talk a little bit about my own take on this. To start, you would never be in the need of taking the pill if you simply abstain from having multiple, unstable and short-term relationships with the wrong men.

You can either abstain from being with someone (that is the wrong person), or simply abstain from giving yourself to someone that you feel is the wrong person in terms of providing a future for you. What is the optimal situation for a woman to not only enhance her value, but also to better her own health and that of the family she will want to form at some time? – You should not feel entitled to have access to your sexuality unless you are mature enough to understand that entering this phase of your life has the ultimate goal of conceiving.

Now regarding the medical advice on taking the pill due to acne or irregular cycles. First of all it all depends on age. Some teenage girls are more prone than others to get acne as a result of a hormonal unbalance, puberty and just changing as part of the growth process and how the body establishes its menstrual cycles, etc. As an adult, people tend to get ”hormonal acne” mainly due to a bacteria (Cutibacterium Acnes or also known as Propionibacterium Acnes) that finds its comfort within the skin of those producing too much sebum and washing/cleaning too little, or, as a result of a poor diet and low in probiotics, lacking on good bacteria.

Ways to cure acne and irregularity without an artificial hormonal solution (the pill)

You might be wondering how difficult or easy is to cure your acne or regulate your cycles without the need of a chemical. Easy. And it is really easy – unlike the solutions you are presented at the doctor mainly due to dishonest studies and too much trust in the pharma industry. I am not saying doctors are dishonest. I am saying that doctors themselves have a knowledge based on what they’re taught in universities, what they’re shown, what they are told is good by the alchemists behind the ever transforming chemical industry and its unnatural effects (yet sometimes effective) on people.

  1. Have a proper hygiene depending on the skin type. Skip the fancy treatments of snail oils and whatever the marketing of charlatan companies are telling you to put on your face. Wash your face at least 2 times a day with water alternating between cold and warm, depending on your skin type. No, your skin won’t be damaged especially if you produce too much sebum, so quit worrying. Wash as soon as you sweated also (so right after your gym session).
  2. Eat a proper diet. Making drastic changes to your diet will change the hormonal composition of your body, so do not wonder why your cycle is strange if one month, out of a sudden you’ve decided to make a change in your diet. A key factor here is to never skip fats or proteins. These 2 are the single most important macronutrients that as a woman you should be intaking with worrying less about ”the bikini body”. You have been told to ”skip dairy products” – that is a theory based on the fact that you are mixing milk products with BAD and processed foods such as refined carbohydrates and a poor intake of Omega 3! You do not need to skip your daily intake of calcium via yoghurt or milk because of your pimples. Just stop eating bad foods that bloat you and mess your hormonal balance (too much salads, too many greens, to put it more easily – too many fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables). Yes, probably you’re wondering what on Earth am I advising you to do. Our bodies (European man/woman) were not made to process and digest exotic fruits, neither sugars, nor excessive grains. We survived on fish, meat and poultry and we have taken all our nutrients and vitamins from them, as well as the necessary fat for our bodies to function correctly and provide us with the needed energy levels in times of need (climate, lack of food, etc).
  3. Move. Have an active lifestyle without pushing yourself towards places you do not feel comfortable. I am talking about the type of exercise you should do. We are all different and while some bodies carry more bone mass, other carry more, same way with muscles (even though you can build a muscle mass if you wish so). Do the type of exercise you feel the most comfortable with, but do it. Sedentary lifestyle is related to irregular cycles (and even absence of it) same way explosive body strains from excessive training can be.
    If you are a mother of a teenage girl entering puberty, sign her up for sports activities, tennis, swimming, dancing, just get her moving regularly so she does not need to deal with the consequences of a poor Western diet combined with a sedentary childhood.

Also something to think about regarding our products and those foods that we’re so recommended by ”Weight Watchers” to purchase and intake rather than the full-fat natural ones.
Have you wondered why recent studies have found that actually skimmed milk is one of the biggest triggers of acne? And it is the type of milk most women prefer as it’s ”low fat”. Skimmed milk is a processed food, having all the fat removed from the milk. Sounds very natural, right? (Not.)

The amount of low-fat/skim milk consumed by participants with acne with significantly higher (P = .01) than those with no acne.

The effects no one talks about

Considering that so many women use contraceptive pills and that so many report various side effects, strangely there is little research on how contraceptive pills affect women’s quality of life.

“This is because pharmaceutical companies largely control the research. It’s not in their interest to compare a contraceptive pill with a placebo to find out more about side effects”, says Angelica Lindén Hirschberg, Professor at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health at Karolinska Institutet.

Unable to recognise facial expressions and complex emotions

And this says a lot about the modern women’s inability to lead large teams, communicate with the other sex or understand and empathise with other females.

This is the result of a new study (February 2019) from the Department of Physiological and Clinical Psychology/Psychotherapy at the University of Greifswald in Germany conducted by the researcher Alexander Lischke.

Since oral contraceptives work by suppressing estrogen and progesterone levels, it makes sense that oral contraceptives also affect women’s emotion recognition. However, the exact mechanism underlying oral contraceptive-induced changes in women’s emotion recognition remains to be elucidated.

More specifically, women who took the pill were 10 percent less accurate in their emotion recognition than women who did not take the pill.

Lack of understanding emotions also relates to unsuccessful relationships, friendships and being prone to depression.


Women with migraines may be sensitive to hormonal swings that their body produce. They may notice that their headaches get worse at certain points throughout their menstrual cycle. A study review from 2013 has concluded that women who have migraines with auras are at risk, yet another review in 2017 makes this affirmation a little blurred, nonetheless, better stay safe and aware of what you’re getting yourself into.

Why still glorifying something that has proven so much wrong since decades ago?

There are alternative ways to avoid conception for a couple that wish to conceive at their own pace. One of the oldest and safest natural methods is the temperature based one, as well as counting the ovulation if one has a regular cycle. The way to have a regular cycle has been described in this post by adhering to a balanced diet and exercising accordingly.

At the end of the day, not everyone was made for conception and not everyone should conceive…so, while I am against the pill, I am all for natural selection and/or eugenics in this particular case and I understand how controversial that is but the way I see offspring is more from a vision of quality rather than quantity. We can live in a better place if the people around us have been well taken care of, have strong morals and a good set of ideals, rather than adults with a poor childhood, a missing mother or father due to divorce without any good examples to look at. We can make better people if we give life out of love.

And that is what your sexuality is about: giving life out of love.

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