In the body, L-arginine stimulates the production of human growth hormones and insulin, fights inflammation, lowers the risk for heart attack and arteriosclerosis, repairs blood vessels, fights coronary artery disease, lowers high blood pressure, increases immune function, reduces muscle pains, improves kidneys function, mental capacity, fights dementia, corrects impotence, erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

The key to understanding why L-arginine works is to comprehend why NO (nitric oxide) is important for the body. NO is a reactive gas that animals and plants produce, a byproduct of many different chemical reactions starting with the usage of L-arginine and NO synthase. L-arginine is needed in order to form enough NO.

  • Nitric oxide helps blood vessels open, lowering risks of heart disease, lowers the blood pressure while preventing clots and plaque in the arteries.
  • Studies PMID: 18090660 suggest that as we age, we lose the capability to produce enough nitric oxide, hence obtaining more L-arginine through supplementation or diet can aid with the natural production of NO and correct arterial function.
  1. L-arginine lowers inflammation and fights body’s cellular ageing: it aids with lowering the levels of ammonia in the blood (process used to treat people with metabolic issues).
  2. Boosts athletic performance, intensity and recovery: this is because it increases production of HGH, prolactin and other aminos acids (creatine, L-proline, L-glutamate). According to studies PMID: 28120856, supplementation with L-arginine has been found to increase plasma insulin helping to build stronger muscles. The hormonal changes in the body provoked by supplementation affect metabolism in a positive manner – repairing, building and maintaining a young skeletal-muscle system.
  3. Treats erectile dysfunction: According to PMID: 12851125 suggests that a 92% of male infertility cases can be treated with L-arginine supplements together with antioxidants.

People already with a history of heart attack and heart issues should refrain from taking L-arginine as supplement.

Animal sourced foods high in L-arginine: eggs, fermented dairy, beef, organ meats.

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