Yesterday’s post made me see something: hair loss to men is as sensitive of a topic as infertility is to a woman. And I get it! There is so much of ‘’why me?!’’ and frustration,…both are similar in very many ways and I am not trying to make one feel more or less important. Thing is that both are sensitive topics that people often assimilate as very personal.

I want to tell you something. I am not a magician. A doctor is not a magician either, nor fortune changer. This doesn’t mean that I cannot guide you to make you feel better about whatever you’re enduring. This doesn’t mean that a doctor cannot actually genuinely look after you and see you improve in at least something, even though we will never be able to give you back your wishes.

Do not mistake TREATMENT for the CURE. Treatment can be an intentional concoction made specifically for you and your symptoms to be relieved, NOT SOLVED. Cure usually entails finding the root cause of the problem (or discovering it by chance while trying many treatments) and henceforth, resolving the issue. A treatment won’t give you a mane.

A treatment will make you feel better – in our case yesterday, it can positively impact your scalp health (flaking, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, controlling your sebum production, etc) and even distressing you (especially when using certain diluted essential oils for massages) which is eventually impacting your metabolism and as a consequence, your hormonal production.

A treatment can be slow down or intensifying your training (depending on the individual), which can directly impact in the hormonal production and ratios between testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone in the male body included.

A treatment is not a cure. A cure is the end (positive) resolution of a very individual HEALTH ISSUE and TREATMENT JOURNEY based on your symptoms, your hormonal panel, your responses to the treatment, your progression, your regression, your own treatment modifications…

Miracles do not happen, and especially if your issue is rooted in more complicated bodily functions, such as hereditary conditions you might be unaware of, genetics that unfortunately your parents did not improve before and during your conception so now you need to live with it and find a TREATMENT to make you feel better… cures are becoming harder and harder to find just because of the unlimited amount of pollutants and responses our body tries to deal with. And everything in between, can be provoking an array of issues.

My way to treatment is non-hormonal, non-medical (aka involving drugs, plus it is not my field), but rather via improving your overall health and metabolism (which in return affects EVERYTHING in your body). This is because I believe everything starts within your body – now, unfortunately not everyone responds to this as they cannot fight their genetics and hereditary conditions beyond a point, however you can do your best and make it better for your future children.

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