Women that do not take hormonal contraceptives experience natural switches in their cycle at times in their life.

As in ancient times, some women bleed during a new moon, in darkness, where they are unseen and prefer solitude and healing, while ovulating in full moon, as the light of the night gives them the opportunity to find and mate with the right partner.

Others are the exact opposite, bleeding in full moon and ovulating in darkness, these women are known to hold a position of healers or priestess among others while helping others on their cycle.

The cycles would switch at times so every woman would experience a period of healing or nourishment towards one another, learning and regenerating.

Being aware of your body changing with the phase of the moon, being able to feel the changes that your body goes through is magical.

Much of my intention here is aiding others to get back the connection with their own body and ancestral wisdom, healing and regrowing their roots, purifying.

If you are a man, understand a woman’s nature by observing the moon – her behaviour, libido and energy are switched either on or off.

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