Pregnancy and planning around it used to be a very big concern in our past. Ideally, pregnancy would be planned allowing both men and women adjusting to new routines that would focus on boosting their fertility for when the time of conception comes (as planned).

Both men and women would create rituals around this special pre-conception period and would boost romance, health and fertility with the use of dietary changes.

Women used to be encouraged to consume more fats than usual (and that’s because the foetus will require cholesterol to form healthily) while men used to become calmer in their overall hunting and physical activities (that was to help hormonal balance).

  • Organ meats – liver is easily accessible and made into spread with herbs, sea salt and onions perfect for breakfasts. An excellent source of folate (critical for neural tube development in the foetus), fat-soluble vitamins (abundant in vitamin A) and vitamin B12, choline, magnesium and zinc.
  • Wild-caught low-mercury seafoods – anchovies, salmon, sardines, trout, herring, fish roe, cod liver oil (I recommend Icelandic, if you’re in Europe) and oysters as they’re the best source of zinc. Fat-soluble vitamins, omega-3, trace minerals like iodine and zinc. According to multiple studies, high levels of vitamin D resulted in higher rates of pregnancy!
  • Full-fat dairy – if there is anything that affects fertility directly is the lack of fat in the body and that’s so easily overseen nowadays with the amount of advertised dieting culture and fat free dairy products. Highly important for vitamin A, D3 and especially K2 together with choline.
  • You can also consume probiotics such as your favourite type of cultured dairy – the benefits go beyond ‘’a feels good gut’’ – cultured dairy aids with balancing your body’s hormones.
  • Marrow bone delight – if you’re growing tired on bone broths but still want the best of both, try marrow spread for a while (I will have a recipe in my cookbook) that you can easily enjoy on top of a sourdough together with herbs.
  • Amino acids (proline and glycine that balance out your hormones and reduce high oestrogen levels to normal), calcium and collagen while you cook your marrow bone up for a delicious broth, you can extract the marrow and enjoy it separately.
  • Eggs – inexpensive, full of choline and DHA (perfect together for better absorption), folate, vitamin B, iodine and antioxidants are also present. Eggs are an important source of protein also (protein is of extreme importance to build placenta, uterine wall, your child’s tissue, etc).
  • Bell peppers – providing you with your daily need of vitamin C while aiding with your iron absorption (really important while trying to conceive and when pregnant).

Take these foods into account if you have in mind starting a family – the overall wellbeing of a woman before pregnancy can make a huge difference for her ease or hardship to conceive. Ingesting these foods 1 week before trying to conceive will not make any difference – please plan and start this dietary change a minimum of 3 months prior trying to conceive.

In the next post we will discuss WHY nowadays is harder to conceive than ever before.

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