Most research done by medical professionals in the field of infertility has concluded that the causes of this condition still remains greatly ‘’unknown’’. But if we have a look on how historically speaking a woman’s lifestyle has turned and twisted around, there are some components that we can point out.

Now more than ever, women constantly complain about having heavy periods, irregular cycles, severe cramps or exaggerated hormonal acne and these are said to be OK, to be normal if experienced, which is completely wrong and misguided information. Periods should be painless if your HORMONES would be BALANCED.

Some of the reasons women have it much harder to conceive today than they used to are:

  • Infra-radian rhythm interference: We must remind ourselves that a woman’s body has a completely different biological purpose than a man’s. Most health-promoting practices are addressed equally to men and women ignoring the fact that a woman goes through a 28-35 day hormonal cycle and she should adjust practices as according to her hormonal releases. Intermittent fasting, strict ketogenic diet, and HIIT should be cautiously planned and limited for the woman’s body as they can easily disrupt hormonal balance in a female’s body throughout her cycle and hence limiting fertility.
  • Estrogenization: This refers to the amount of oestrogen we’re exposed to – the more our society has advanced, the more chemicals have been produced and polluted our waters, soil, food and every day utensils as well as cosmetics and all sort of products including clothes. The higher the oestrogen, lower the progesterone, making it impossible to be fertile.
  • Medication consumption: Hormonal birth control, excess of antibiotics, aspirin, NSAIDs being prescribed with much ease and no questioning from the patient. All these destroy your microbiome balance which is of extreme importance in fertility. Crohn’s disease (microbiome imbalance) has been researched to be provoked in many cases by the usage of The Pill.
  • Food pesticides: yes, ORGANIC, or self-grown makes a tremendous difference when trying to conceive.

The more vegetables and fruits consumed the higher the risk of infertility due to the fact that organic produce is not always as available and affordable – hence most women trying to conceive acquire the non-organic produce – studies have directly related this with infertility and late-term pregnancy loss.

  • High-stress: Stress literally absorbs all the necessary nutrients for the body that should be used to making an effort and allow a pregnancy to start.
  • Micronutrient deprivation: we focus on macronutrients due to following modern diets while essential micronutrients that shall support a pregnancy are depleted (iodine, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, folate, etc). And many women suffer deficiencies in some of these without knowing.
  • Dieting culture: diets that are low in fertility-boosting foods and elimination diets (such as the ketogenic) that eliminate local, healthy phytonutrient rich vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, peppers, melons, berries, garlic, onions, leeks, chives, barley, etc) that have a positive impact on fertility.

This is one of the reasons while I am NOT in for promoting calorie counting nor elimination diets for women in fertile age.

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