Adrenal system produces hormones that regulate your metabolism, blood pressure, immune system, your body’s response to stress among other important functions.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can have an impact on your adrenals as it usually spikes cortisol (stress hormone) hence it’s better if this doesn’t become an everyday habit. Long periods of cortisol spikes will eventually lead into adrenal fatigue.

Reason why I highly recommend:

  1. to enjoy coffee after a nourishing meal
  2. making it a ”bulletproof coffee” as my husband many times promoted during summer (there’s a video on his YouTube channel on how to make one just search for ”The Golden One bulletproof” in YouTube!) You can transform your coffee into a safe adrenal-friendly treat by adding a little fat (MCT oil or butter)
  3. adding some collagen
  4. whisking in a whipped egg yolk
  5. or eating a good chocolate with it (can be dark or milk as long as there’s no sugars added)

Remember that drinking coffee after 3pm might affect your night sleep. If your metabolic state is slower, it’s likely that coffee will be processed at a later stage after intaking it putting you at risk of facing a white night.

You do not need to skip coffee as a daily habit, but you can work your ways into making it easier for your body to not only enjoy it but benefit from it.

Coffee boosts metabolism, promotes a healthier heart, protects you against type 2 diabetes, liver disease, Parkinson’s, liver cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

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