I was having my quick lunch as I am having a major cleaning day today while being with Astrid the little Tornado and thought this post would be interesting if you want to optimise your muscle mass growth and/or health even in busy times and with quick meal options.

Please note that your gut health has priority, hence I always recommend adding some fermented foods to your meals.

  1. Jerky or Biltong
  2. Beer sausages (similar to Bierwurstkugel and really easy to eat on the go or pair for a proper meal)
  3. Minced Meat Sandwiches (add a sourdough bread, a dollop of butter or cream cheese and minced meat, top with a herbs or your favourite sauce)
  4. Spanish Lomo Curado (cured meat, high in protein and very tasty even eated by itself, add butter for more fats)
  5. Cooked Shrimps (easy to eat even on the go, easy to pair up for a full meal)
  6. Tuna Steak (fry and add it in a tomato sauce to it so it doesn’t dry out the second day)
  7. Sardines (in brine or grilled)
  8. Anchovies (especially tasty paired with a watery summer fruits or vegetables since they’re salty)
  9. Cooked octopus (especially if you live in Southern Europe or by the Atlantic coast, make the most out of this! Filled with amino acids, minerals and low fat for cutting season, plenty of protein 30g/100, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium, riboflavin, and vitamin B12)

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