Commercial soy sauce is not fermented, but instead genetically modified, upsetting the stomach right after consumption. I happily recommend the usage of ecological coconut aminos sauce instead! Coconut aminos are not only almost identical in taste, but also a quite powerful condiment packing some great benefits for you!

Coconut aminos are created by using only 2 ingredients: organic coconut tree sap and organic sea salt. Sap is taken from coconut blossoms, fermented, and blended with sea salt packed with minerals.

  • Coconut aminos contain 17 naturally occurring amino acids, with a perfect pH balance and a GI of 35, containing vitamin B and inositol and amazingly enough, 300% less sodium than soy sauce!
  • Naturally low in calories
  • Protects the heart and regulates cholesterol as it contain antioxidants
  • Reduces diabetes/metabolic illness risk when compared to soy sauce as it’s free of soybeans
  • Increases adiponectin protein release into bloodstream, the protein that regulates several metabolism processes, glucose levels and fatty acid oxidation, which has been associated with fat loss
  • Reduces the free radical release (oxidative stress) in the body, strengthening your immune system, lowering the risk of many other illnesses
  • Contains a high amount of inositol which has been directly linked as a positive tool to treat mental health issues (depression, panic, OCD, etc). Inositol has proven to have equally powerful effects as the toxic drugs used to treat these illnesses, minus the side effects!
  • Acts as a natural treatment of PCOS thanks to the adiponectin protein that semi-treats insulin resistance. Inositol + adiponectin treat not only insulin resistance but also other symptoms of PCOS (irregular periods, blood pressure, high testosterone…)

You should AVOID soy sauce because: it’s mostly genetically modified, contains phytoestrogens, product of fake fermentation (aka acid hydrolysation) for longer shelf life and usually contains MSG (food additive linked to brain damage, hormone disruptions, etc).

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