Whey protein is an amazing source of nutrients in far more absorbable source than ANY type of food (steaks included) or supplement actually, being much easier to digest.

Whey protein is one of the 2 types of protein found in milk, the other one being casein. Whey IS THE LIQUID PART OF MILK THAT REMAINS AFTER THE CHEESE MANUFACTURING PROCESS, so after coagulation and curd removal.

The gold pot of whey protein has a lot to do with its contents of bioactive peptides that promote lean muscle building.

There are 3 kinds of protein:

  1. Protein concentrate: best and least processed form of whey protein containing highest level of bioactive compounds! Since it’s minimally processed, it retains all the healthy nutrients that are naturally found in whey. And we’re extremely proud to say that our whey at @jotunheimnutrition not only comes from free roaming cows on Swedish fields, but it’s also part of this category, making it a superfood.
  2. Protein isolate: undergoes more processing, so the carbohydrates and fats that are found naturally in milk (and protein concentrate) are eliminated. This type usually contains 90% of protein and lower lactose content.
  3. Protein hydrolysate: it’s basically the result of the hydrolysis of whey protein isolate, broken down into even smaller, more digestible bits. Highly processed with heat, hydrolysates increase blood insulin levels which might help athletes grow lean muscle, or cause an array of issue for someone that is not categorised as an ‘’athlete’’. Definitely should not become not part of a healthy, regular, diet. 👎🏻

High-quality protein powders contain a great number of beneficial nutrients, including antioxidants and amino acids (cytosine – reduces risk of cancer and diseases cause by oxidative stress).

How to choose the best protein to add to your diet?
The efficacy of any protein shake depends on the quality of your protein powder, so opt for organic, grass-fed whey concentrate always, and avoid whey isolates and powders made with artificial ingredients.

Extremely proud of our efforts for @jotunheimnutrition to provide the best quality, least processed, tastiest cheese byproduct (whey) ever!

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